Exporting Australian
Meat Products to The World

Since 1966


At Allegro, we provide the highest level of service to our valued clients. We can also provide exclusive access to some of the brands we supply due to our strong relationships in our key markets.

Chilled and Frozen Meat - delivered by sea

We work with all of the major global shipping lines to provide the fastest and most reliable sea freight service. Shipping from all Australian ports we offer CIF to your closest port.

Chilled and Frozen Meat - delivered by air

The volume of air freight shipments we do continues to rise, especially for premium cuts.

Market Reporting and updating

Having such an intricate knowledge of the market allows us to share this knowledge with our clients. This can be very valuable to them in making future purchasing decisions.

Consolidation of mixed orders

A valuable service for some clients. We consolidate at central points so we can mix cuts, species and include offal in mixed container shipments.


Our product lines consist of frozen and chilled Australian meat cuts of Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Goat and include offal from all species. Premium Chilled cuts for hotels and restaurants are also supplied by air or sea freight. Our Main Market destinations include all Asian countries and all Middle Eastern Countries. All product supplied is certified Halal slaughtered as is required in those countries.

Beef meat

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Sheep Meat

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Offal and Fancy Meats

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Who We Are

Allegro has been exporting Australian meat products to the world since 1966. Being in the business for this length of time has earned Allegro a reputation for reliability, service and professionalism. With the people behind Allegro having more than 90 years combined experience in the industry, both clients and trusted suppliers appreciate what Allegro has to offer.

Jonathon Bull

Export Consultant

Jonathon has over 10 years experience in the industry and having been involved in both importing and exporting business, understands all aspects of international trade. Jonathon has recently returned to Allegro with premium business development his responsibility. Market Responsibilities: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam.


Geoff Bull

Managing Director

Geoff first entered the meat business in 1966 and continues strongly today. His experience is unparalleled in todays industry and the markets he services he has been involved in for over 50 years. These include: All Arabian Gulf Countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia


Peter Firth

Director / Documentation Manager

Peter is responsible for the logistics, scheduling and documentation for all shipments. This important role means that orders are packed and shipped on time.


Our Clients

Our clients are a testament to our success


Fatric Sdn Bhd Malaysia

Think word itself is not enough to describe how great our business relationship has been for the last 20 years. You are so resourceful, with wide connection, and always secure the best possible deals to fulfill our requirements. Thanking you, I remain.

Mohammed Gad

Alyasra Foods

Over the last many years, Allegro has been one of our most respected business partners, and the most integral supplier behind our success in the Australian Meat Trade in the Kuwait and KSA Foodservice markets. They have effectively bridged the gap between most Australian Meat Packers, and their counterparts (being the importers and distributors, such as ourselves). In addition to OUR success through our affiliation with Allegro, many other importers/distributors in the Middle, South and Far Eastern Regions would claim the same, and would trace their success stories back to Allegro, who have consistently done their research and optimized their product offerings, through developing and providing appropriate specs with workable pricing into the markets where they have exported. Moreover, Allegro have always been pioneers in providing accurate market insights to their business partners, advising them on seasonality trends, supply constraints, when & when not to buy, etc. just to name a few. The past and present have been bright and prosperous for Allegro and their business partners, and we expect no less in the days to come.

Thomas Olcoq


We have developed solid market share in the meat business over the years. This growth would certainly not have been the same without working closely with Allegro Pty Ltd. Their expertise in the field helped us to always make the right decisions and build the right partnerships. The customer experience is easy and efficient thanks to great responsiveness and follow up. The prices are always competitive. 100% trust, real value added.

Abraham Benjamin

General Manager

A Quarter of a Century of Association will speak of the Volume of the Service ,Price and Quality Allegro has been extending to us. Undoubtedly they played a conspicuous Role in our Growth Story

Austmeat Certified Exporter

Halal Certified products

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